11 December 2018

Ho, Ho, Ho...Let It Snow ❄❄❄

getting ice cold feet
corrugated steel figures
rusting in the snow ~

by JFM
☃ these two greet our visitors at our front door πŸŽ…

10 December 2018

Bringing Home the Tree

shake off your long sleep
and enjoy the holiday
bringing home the tree πŸŽ„

by JFM

09 December 2018

Our Manger from Sears Last Wish Book 1992

in the top photo is our outside manger that we've had since 1992
in the second photo is our manger in the Sears Wish Book of the same year...1992
the tallest wise man stands 5' tall it is a pretty big Nativity scene
my hubby made our stable from an old pine tree that had died that year
in the third photo is a photo of what I believe may be one of the last  Wish Books that Sears made
the last photo is of a Santa in a suit that was in the Wish Book of 1992 πŸŽ…

08 December 2018

Blue Christmas Tree

waiting for Santa
white holiday lights shimmer
blue glow Christmas tree ❄☃❄

by JFM

07 December 2018


an old fashioned Christmas Eve...
listening to Christmas Carols on the radio
receiving phone calls from loved ones far away
lights on a tiny ceramic tree...

but more importantly, a small baby in a manger filled with straw
Mother Mary and a carpenter named Joseph
angels, three kings, shepherds, sheep and camels

above are chalk pieces for mangers from the 1940's
a family heirloom that I keep on display with my pottery collection
all year long
I find them to beautiful to pack away in boxes until Christmas πŸŽ„

06 December 2018

Welcome Friends and Family

he was born of snow
with the heat of the warm sun
remains...a puddle ☃

by JFM
πŸŽ„Welcome to Our HouseπŸŽ„

05 December 2018

My Painting and "NOEL"

moonlit night shadows
evening snow showers the earth
shining bright heavens~

by JFM

these are four tiny angels that spell out NOEL
each holds a white candle
you will notice that one candle is missing
no one knows when it was lost
but it is a family tradition to not replace it
these little angels and their candles are from the late 1940's
or the early 1950's
they belonged to my husband's parents
we inherited them when they passed on
we even have the original box the angels were in when they were bought new
my hubby's favorite memory of these tiny angels is that
when he was very young his uncle would rearrange them when no one was looking
instead of saying NOEL they would say LEON
a wonderful childhood memory that we share with everyone on Christmas Eve
BTW...those are my hubby's great-grand-parents wedding photos in the backgroundπŸŽ„

04 December 2018

Cross-stitch Christmas Ornaments

this is our  5' tree in our kitchen
we call it our "Christmas Story " tree because it is decorated with their ornaments
mostly that is because I do add a few others...
like my 2.5" cross stitch ornaments that I made for my mom in 1986
after mom passed away in 1994 I brought these ornaments back home with me...

I used tiny, red, seed beads for the berries

I used a red seed bead for the nose and black seed beads for the eyes

Mom loved these tiny ornaments and used them on her tree each Christmas. It is so hard to believe how old these mini-ornaments are. I used to love to cross-stitch xxxxx πŸŽ„

03 December 2018

Santa's Elf

hidden among gifts
Christmas spying for Santa
good or bad reports πŸŽ„πŸŽ…

by JFM ❄πŸŽ„❄

❄Elf spying to see who has been good or bad❄

02 December 2018

Magical Christmas Dream

magical Christmas
dazzling lights and candle flames
dreaming by the fireπŸŽ„

by JFM ❄πŸŽ…❄

01 December 2018

A Bear for Christmas

beneath the branches
in the gleam of colored lights
waiting for a hug πŸŽ„

by JFM

🐻 this little bear is a decoration under our main tree πŸŽ„